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Seminars and Events

FQS Poland representatives will join the sixth conference in the cycle “Current Trends in Theoretical Chemistry”. CTTC VI will cover various aspects of theoretical chemistry from basic theory and methodological developments to applications. The following topics will be addressed at the conference: Electron Correlation, Density Functional Theory (DFT), Time-dependent DFT, Low order scaling SCF methods, Molecular response properties, Molecular dynamics, Modeling catalytic processes, Modeling biological systems.

For more details about the workshop please click here.

2013-06-25: Meet us at the Fourth Nanotechnology Workshop, PoWieFoNa'2013, 25-28 June 2013, Gdansk

PoWieFoNa is an open, regional initiative aimed at extending and enhancing cooperation and contacts among scientific, industrial and business circles interested in nanotechnology in a broad sense and its applications.FQS Poland representatives will join the Fourth Nanotechnology Workshop.

For more details about the workshop please click here.

2011-12-14: SCIGRESS Group Meeting

The Institute of Organic Chemistry I of Ulm University and Fujitsu cordially invite for a one-day SCIGRESS Group Meeting.

The workshop will take place Wednesday, December 14, 2011 at the University of Ulm, Ulm, Germany. The participation is free of charge, however due to the limited number of seats available, advanced registration is required. To register for the workshop, please send a confirmation e-mail to: ccs@fqs.pl or use the registration form.

We are looking forward to fruitful presentation, discussion and hands-on session which will give you the opportunity to broaden your knowledge related to Computational Chemistry and Life Science software solutions of Fujitsu.

2011-10-20: Prediction of Drug-Drug Interactions by Computer Simulations - free seminar on ISSX 17th North American Regional Meeting in Atlanta

Following the ISSX 17th North American Regional Meeting in Atlanta, Fujitsu Kyushu Systems Limited is holding a seminar featuring the latest technology in predicting drug-drug interactions through the use of quantitative simulations. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how DDI Simulator would help them assess drug-drug interaction issues more efficiently. DDI Simulator is a software developed under the supervision of Prof. Yuichi Sugiyama of Tokyo University.

The seminar will address the following issues related to predicting drug-drug interactions:

  • Quantitative predictions of DDI through the use of physiologically-based models for both Competitive and Mechanism-based inhibitions.

  • Database of in vivo Ki values of well known inhibitors.

  • Prediction of DDI considering the inhibition of multiple CYP isoforms.

  • Prediction of DDI considering the inhibition of intestinal metabolism.

  • Optimization of the dosing regimen to minimize risk.

For more details about the seminar please click here.

2010-12-02: Meet us at the 3rd Workshop on ab initio phonon calculations, Cracow

FQS Poland representatives will join the 3rd Workshop on ab initio phonon calculations, Cracow. The workshop is organized by the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in cooperation with the Institute of Technology of the Pedagogical University of Cracow. The event will take place at the Lecture Hall of W.Danka, Pedagogical University,ul.Podchorążych 2, Cracow (2-4 December 2010).

The main goal of the Workshop is to review the method of calculating phonons in crystalline systems, which is based on supercell approach and uses the Hellmann-Feynman forces derived from ab initio calculations. The DFT ab initio codes, such as VASP or Wien2k provide tools to derive complete sets of such atomic forces. The harmonic phonon properties of bulk crystals, with or without defects, surfaces, interfaces and similar systems can be calculated with the use of this method. Furthermore, the quasiharmonic approximation allows to treat the mentioned systems at finite temperature, which is a necessary step for extending DFT results to describe the systems in the complete manner.

For more details about the workshop please click here.

2010-07-11: 23rd International Liquid Crystal Conference

FQS Poland would like to invite you to our exposition booth at the 23rd International Liquid Crystal Conference. The conference will take place at the Auditorium Maximum of the Jagiellonian University (Krakow, Poland).
The International Liquid Crystal Conference (ILCC) was initiated in 1965 by the Kent State University LC Group headed by Glenn H. Brown whose contribution to the field cannot be overestimated. Since the 2nd ILCC held also in Kent (Ohio) in 1968 the meetings have become regular biennial events organized at various places where liquid crystal research is strong. For more information please visit conference page.

FQS Poland would like to take this occasion to present LiqCryst a MS-Windows-based application, which allows easy access to a unique database of structures and properties of liquid crystalline compounds. The LiqCryst database contains information about currently known thermotropic liquid crystalline compounds. Structures and associated data for about 93,000 compounds have been collected from about 95,000 references.

For more details about LiqCryst please click here.

2010-07/08: Fujitsu software applications in toxicology and pharmacology

Introductory seminar/presentation for researchers interested in implementation of a virtual (in silico) system in toxicology and pharmacology. Learning Objectives:

  • Quick estimation of the software's applicability for specific research
  • Possibilities of in silico implementation in the research process to improve efficiency
  • When and how use the software?
  • Capabilities of QSAR analysis
  • Simulation of transdermal and topical drug delivery

The presentations will be prepared according the customers needs and suggestions. Our goal is to introduce the benefits of using high quality in silico solutions in research, basing on following software tools:

We are ready to visit also your company/university. If you are interested, please contact us at: ccs@fqs.pl or (+48) 12 429 43 45

2010-06-10: FQS Poland at the US-Poland Workshop & Summer School: Nanoscale Phenomena in Materials and at Interfaces; Cracow, Poland

The Workshop will be devoted to the latest achievements and developments in the fields of new biomimetic materials, polyelectrolytes, biopolymers and interfacial dynamics, especially molecular designing of new soft nanomaterials of controlled architecture. The scientific program will comprise invited lectures delivered by outstanding researchers from USA and Poland, oral presentations of young scientists, and poster presentations.

The aim of our interdisciplinary meeting would be bringing together people working in various areas of theoretical simulations, synthesis, physico-chemical characteristics and practical applications mostly in microelectronics, biotechnology and medicine. A special emphasis will be focused on promoting efficient contacts and exchange of expertise between our two countries.

FQS Poland will give a lecture: “A LocalSCF approach all-atom semiempirical quantum-mechanical protein modeling and ligand docking” on Thursday (10.06.2010) at 11:30 AM.

To learn more please visit conference page.

2010-05-12: FQS Poland at the VII Drug Science Multidisciplinary Conference in Zakopane, Poland

The MKNOL is a scientific event, organized every two years, as a integrating forum to present research results and exchange experience between different fields of science related to drug discovery. The lectures will include medical chemistry, synthesis, pharmaceutical and clinical analytics and pharmaceutical technology topics.

Visit our booth and listen to our lecture: “A LocalSCF approach all-atom semiempirical quantum-mechanical protein modeling and ligand docking” on Thursday (11.05.2010) at 12:40 PM.

To learn more please visit conference page.

2009-09-18: Meet us on the Second International Environmental Best Practices Conference and AGFES Educational Workshop; Cracow, Poland

The objective of this joint conference of environmental best practices is to bring together researchers from academic, governmental and industrial institutions to discuss new developments and results in the fields of environmental remediation, wastewater treatment, alternative energy sources, toxicology, surface science and sustainable resource management. It is anticipated that attendees will develop a knowledge and understanding of a broad spectrum of environmental applications and solutions to the challenges facing the world today.

We would like to invite you to our booth and a lecture: “A QSAR approach in Environmental Studies”.

To learn more please visit conference page.

2009-06-19: "Molecular Dynamics with Materials Explorer" training at the Gdansk University

FQS Poland is glad to invite you to a special training organized in the cooperation with the Gdansk University. The meeting is aimed to chemists, physical chemists and materials science specialists interested in implementing molecular dynamics in their research. The meeting will take place on 19.06.2010, at the Chemistry Department of the Gdansk University. The training will consist of lecture and hands-on trainings with the Fujitsu Materials Explorer software.

2009-05-15: Fujitsu Computer Chemistry seminar at Mario Negri; Milan, Italy

We organize special training at Institute for Pharmacological Research for researchers interested in:

2008-10-30: Fujitsu seminar in Cambridge

2008-10-14: Meet us on MipTec; Basel, Switzerland

MipTec (http://www.miptec.com/2008/) is the premier European conference and exhibition encompassing innovative approaches to high quality science and technology for efficient drug discovery. The mission of MipTec is to bring together scientists from all disciplines involved in drug discovery within pharmaceutical and biotech companies, academic labs and technology providers in an atmosphere where ideas and experiences are shared and discussed.

2008-10-12: Meet us on 15th North American Regional ISSX Meeting; San Diego, USA

This meeting will provide ISSX members and other scientists the opportunity to come together to learn about the latest scientific achievements from experts in the field of xenobiotics. There will be ample opportunities for participants to meet with other scientists and to network with friends and colleagues.

2008-09-21: FQS Poland na sympozjum Technologie Informacyjne dla Chemikow; Krakow

Sympozjum Technologie informacyjne dla chemikow ma stac sie miejscem wymiany opinii pomiedzy uzytkownikami zaawansowanych technologii informacyjnych. Technologie, ktore sa tematem Sympozjum (same nie nalezac do sfery wiedzy chemicznej) coraz silniej wplywaja na przebieg pracy chemika naukowca i dydaktyka. Zmiany dokonuja sie w trzech glownych obszarach: edukacji, wyposazeniu warsztatu naukowego oraz organizacji wspolnych przedsiewziec naukowych. W wielu przypadkach juz obecnie widac, ze zastosowanie odpowiednich aplikacji spowodowalo znaczace zwiekszenie produktywnosci bez wyraznego wzrostu ponoszonych nakladow. Mozna przypuszczac, ze w ciagu kilku czy kilkunastu lat dojdzie do glebokiej reorganizacji w obszarze nauki oraz edukacji, ktora w czesci bedzie skutkiem powszechnej dostepnosci narzedzi jeszcze niedawno rzadko stosowanych.

2008-07-21: Meet us on eCheminfo Drug Discovery workshop in Oxford

These workshops are aimed to provide a set of stimulating workshops using latest advanced modelling techniques of relevance to chemists, life scientists and modellers working in drug discovery. Participants should return to their labs with new ideas, best practices and software experiences to maximise productivity in their own drug discovery research activities. Workshop groups will study problems with hands-on examples using leading-edge software and discuss complex issues highlighted by examples and case studies presented by instructors. Software packages and an IT classroom will be used by instructors and participants to work through drug discovery and optimisation problems. Participants may propose problems and issues to the faculty ahead of the workshop. Participants will also have ample opportunity to discuss their perspectives and criticisms of the methods studied and should take-away key nuggets of understanding from these intensive sessions.

The conference was meant as a tribute to Professor Kazimierz Guminski, and was organized to celebrate the centenary of his birthday and the 25th anniversary of his death. Professor Kazimierz Guminski was the founder and the first head of the Theoretical Chemistry Department at the Jagiellonian University, as well as the main initiator (soon followed by W. Kolos) of theoretical chemistry research and teaching in Poland. The conference covered various aspects of quantum chemistry, starting from recent methodological developments to applications.

2008-06-23: Meet us on Modeling and Design of Molecular Materials 2008; Piechowice, Poland

Modelling and Design of Molecular Materials is a biannual conference devoted to presenting contemporary computational methods along with their applications in molecular modelling and molecular material design and related fields. Planned sessions include: advances in computational methods, designed biomaterials, drug design, interactions in molecular materials, modeling biomaterials, modeling zeolite materials, modeling chemical reactions, nucleic acids, protein dynamics, protein structure prediction, workshop - tools for computational chemistry.

2008-05-27: Meet us on International Krutyn Summer School 2008; Krutyn, Poland

This International Summer School is organized as a fourth event in a series of training activities conducted in association with the FP6 Integrated Project “OLLA” - “High Brightness OLED-s for ICT & Next Generation Lighting Applications” (http://www.olla-project.org). The School is thought as a high-level and highly intensive scientific event focusing on cutting-edge organic and inorganic materials for OLED-s construction, involving physicochemical and theoretical considerations, synthetic aspects, theoretical modeling, industrial requirements, and roadmap for future development. This Summer School aims at the state-of-the-art training in the form of lectures and tutorials addressed to Ph.D. students and young researchers willing to reinforce their knowledge and skills in the field of molecular optoelectronics. Top experts in this area will deliver lectures and tutorials. The school is intended both for people already active in this R&D field as well as for those new to the field.

2008-05-26: FQS Poland na VI Multidyscyplinarnej Konferencji Nauki o Leku; Przemysl

FQS POland jest jednym z wystawcow na VI Multidyscyplinarnej Konferencji Nauki o Leku, ktora odbedzie sie w dniach 26-28 maja 2008 r w Przemyslu. VI MKNOL jest kolejnym, organizowanym w cyklu dwuletnim, wydarzeniem naukowym, ktore jest integracyjnym forum do prezentacji wynikow badan, wymiany pogladow i wieloplaszczyznowych dyskusji. Czesc wykladowa obejmowac bedzie tematyke z obszarow chemii medycznej, syntezy i technologii organicznej, analityki farmaceutycznej i klinicznej oraz technologii farmaceutycznej.

2008-05-18: Meet us on 10th European Regional ISSX Meeting; Viena, Austria

This meeting provides an extremely valuable and truly unique opportunity for Xenobiotic researchers to gather, exchange ideas and expertise. The outstanding scientific program will focus on understanding Xenobiotics for better drug development and therapy.

2008-03-07: Fujitsu seminar in Basel

Modern Software Solutions in Drug Discovery Design and Planning Methods
Victoria Hotel Centralbahnplatz 3-4, Basel, Switzerland

2008-03-05: Meet us on EuroLab 2008; Warsaw, Poland

The EuroLab Fair is the only trade fair event in Poland dedicated to the laboratory industry, which is developed and organized by all-Poland scientific and research centers cooperating in subject matter agenda of the event. It is the place for promoting latest solutions and technologies for laboratories; moreover, the fair constitutes an invaluable source of information and knowledge concerning the state-of-the-art research methods and scientific techniques.

2008-02-04: Meet us on 1st International Conference on Drug Design and Discovery; Dubai, UAE

The 1st International Conference on Drug Design and Discovery (ICDDD) was held from Feb. 4 -7, 2008 at Dubai, UAE. ICDDD 2008 was the first major international conference and exhibition of the series, which aimed to present cutting edge advances in various disciplines of drug design and discovery. Over 600 leading industrial and academic experts from 58 countries around the globe presented their findings in the form of Plenary Lectures, Invited Lectures, Session Lectures and Posters at this four-day conference. The ICDDD 2008 offered an in-depth assessment of the challenges involved in the dynamic and fast moving field of drug discovery and development bringing together leading chemists, pharmacologists, biotechnologists, and other allied professionals to discuss and present the latest important developments in the field.

2008-01-15: Seminarium na Uniwersytecie Lodzkim: Oprogramowanie naukowe w modelowaniu molekularnym; Lodz

FQS Poland organizuje na Uniwersytecie Lodzkim seminarium poswiecone zastosowaniu oprogramowania naukowego w modelowniu molekularnym. W programie seminarium przewidziany jest wyklad dotyczacy podstaw metod obliczeniowych oraz szkolenie z zastosowania programu Scigress Explorer. SE jest jednym z szeroko stosowanych pakietow oprogramowania do chemii komputerowej, zaprojektowanym dla chemikow i farmaceutow prowadzacych badania m. in. z zakresu biochemii, bioinformatyki i chemii lekow, jak rowniez dla studentow i uczniow. Scigress Explorer pozwala kazdemu uzytkownikowi na trojwymiarowa wizualizacje czasteczek, analize konformacyjna, analize reaktywnosci i przewidywanie wlasciwosci zwiazkow przy uzyciu przyjaznego dla badacza interfejsu uzytkownika.

2006-09-03: Fujitsu seminar in Oxford

Reaction Modeling and Prediction of Reaction Thermodynamics & Kinetics
Chemistry Research Laboratory, Oxford University, UK

2006-04-05: Seminarium na Akademii Medycznej w Warszawie

Narzedzia do modelowania molekularnego w farmacji - prezentacja programu CAChe i szkolenie
Akademia Medyczna, Wydzial Farmaceutyczny, Zaklad Chemii Fizycznej, Warszawa

2006-03-21: Fujitsu seminar at University of Ulm

Workshop - "Computer Aided Chemistry"
The Centre for Communication and Information (KIZ) and COE for computational Chemistry of Ulm University, the division of Organic Chemistry I of the University of Ulm and Fujitsu cordially invite for a one-day workshop.